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About Us

In 2004, the spirit of the L​ord birthed R. King Ministries through our Chief, Bishop Ray A. King. The Lord spoke to our leader and said “My leaders need a safe place to be inspired, instructed, enlightened and encouraged”. The Lord continued to say “They need a safe place to bleed when they become weak and a place to propel them into their next phase of leadership when they have become trapped by complacency”. Bishop King surrendered to this Apostolic mandate and began to organize workshops, retreats and conferences for his local leaders. As time progressed, there seemed to be a greater need on a broader level. By this time, the Lord allowed Bishop King to assist in establishing three churches, restoring of two dying churches, and the birthing of many sons and daughters to walk in their fivefold ministry gift(s). After much prayer, fasting and meditation, five men came together (Bishop King, Bishop Payne, Pastor Soto, Pastor Graham and Pastor Bolton) to restructure this fellowship for kingdom execution and we believe “what’s coming is far greater than what has been”. This fellowship is yet unfolding and great history shall continue to be made through God’s leaders

Our Mission/Vision

To empower leaders in the BODY of CHRIST at all levels for successful and productive leadership. R. King Ministries carries out its vision through leader and church strengthening, support, and strategy. Our goal is to see healthy, mature leaders and churches transform the world through the love of Christ by making disciples, developing additional Christ-like leaders, and birthing new church ministries. We envision a network of leaders and churches connected together under the Lordship of Christ, where leaders and churches find support and experience the joy of working together as the body of Christ. We desire a prayer saturated culture where the plans of God are seen and embraced and the work of God in fulfilling the Great Commission is met with faith and wisdom.

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